Our Services​

You know what you’re doing.  But do all the people you’re trying to reach? The right words, carefully assembled and packaged by subject matter experts, can spread the news fast. That’s what we do at Stolz Communications. Our capabilities fuel your content strategy. Text tailored to the chosen format, ranging from succinct blog posts to authoritative white papers, seizes the attention of decision-makers and opinion influencers and lead them to you.


Many successful authors use ghostwriters, so why shouldn’t you? Share your own ideas in all written forms—but let a professional express them in the most impactful way.

White Papers

Demonstrate your thought leadership with a well-researched and highly readable document that lends credibility and authority to your brand.

Marketing Copy

Convey your message to prospective customers and generate sales with clear, concise and creative language.

Corporate Profiles

Your company has a story to tell. Let us tell it in a way that will make it a page-turner.

Freelance Business Journalism

Our roots are in B2B trade media, where understanding readers’ information needs is vital to survival.

Speaking at Business Events

Expert presentations and panel facilitation add depth and variety to your meetings and web seminars.

Stolz Communications - Business Writing and Corporate Communications