Case Studies, Business Profiles and Annual Reports

​People often expect “proof” of the success or value of a service by reading concrete examples of your offering in action. Your existing customers often are happy to tell their story, without compromising sensitive corporate information. They also expect their story to be told accurately, and that the research process not to become a drain on their valuable time. To represent you well, a case study or profile writer needs to be respectful and efficient in eliciting the pertinent facts from your customers. That is a hallmark of Stolz Communications.

Corporate profiles with executive bios that build awareness of your existence and insights into what distinguishes you from the competition can play a vital marketing function. Profiles can be as basic as a carefully crafted free listing in an industry directory or association membership roster. On occasion they can also be published in trade publications. Annual reports are the ultimate corporate profile. They require writing that conveys authority and illuminates the essential facts about your organization, division or corporate function in an interesting way. That is what we do at Stolz Communications.

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