David Albertson, (dec'd)
Editorial Director, SourceMedia, Benefits News Groups

Richard is a consummate professional who also maintains the highest standards for personal integrity and work ethic. Perhaps his most notable professional characteristic is his sense of curiosity and the intellectual vigor he applies to mastering diverse subject matter.

Gene Kalwarski
 CEO & Co-Founder, Cheiron, Inc.

Since our founding Richard has been instrumental in helping Cheiron successfully navigate through many high profile sensitive issues with various media. In addition he has been very effective in helping us get our story told, through articles written by journalists, our own contributions to select publications and through our website.

James D. Snyder
 CEO, Enterprise Communications

​Richard Stolz has spent his professional lifetime grasping complex subjects quickly, organizing his materials efficiently and writing in clear, concise language. He has by-lined, ghosted or edited more stories covering business and financial topics than anyone I know. I say this after working with him for over 20 years.

Ellen Katz
 Managing Editor, Thomas Reuters, BizActions/PDI Global

I first worked with Richard in the 1980s when he edited my articles on financial topics for physicians. I found him to be a talented and skilled editor. In more recent years, he has been writing excellent, timely pieces for my company about human resources and employee benefits. The topics can be complex since they cover taxes and other legal areas. Our professional clients read the material very carefully, so I appreciate Richard’s attention to detail and ability to satisfy a demanding audience. He provides clean copy and always meets deadlines.

M. Virginia Wiese
Senior Client Manager, Marketing Solutions Group, SourceMedia

I have worked with Richard for several years on a variety of projects for SourceMedia’s Marketing Solutions Group, ranging from roundtable and web seminar moderation to white paper development. He has also applied his skills in the creation of a quarterly publication for one of our financial services industry clients. As a journalist, he unfailingly delivers well-written and researched content to the delight of our clients.

Anne O'Brien
Senior Vice President, Marketing, Interactive Data

Richard has developed good working relationships with our technical experts to produce white papers on complex topics, presented to our audience in a very reader-friendly fashion.

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