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Richard F. Stolz began his business-writing career in positions of increasing responsibility with Enterprise Communications Inc., a company that served as the Washington news bureau and comprehensive editorial management contractor for dozens of trade magazines and newsletters, before becoming a publisher in its own right. That experience set him on a course of gaining expertise in a host of industry issues. Prior to that he spent two years as a daily newspaper reporter and editor in Indiana.

Richard’s awards include a prize for feature writing issued by the American Society of Business Press Editors, and an Indiana State Press Association award for “best news article under press of deadline.” That recognition demonstrated his ability to write an engaging story in detail rapidly and accurately under tight time constraints.

In addition to Richard’s experience as a business communicator, he has managed a division of a large publishing company, and currently sits on the board of directors of a family-owned media enterprise. Richard grew up in several European countries, and began developing a global perspective at an early age.

Why Stolz Communications?

  • A business writer laser-focused on your marketing goals
  • Subject matter expertise in multiple fields​
  • A valuable contributor of ideas to your creative team
  • Versatility in writing formats and styles​
  • Partner relationships with allied professionals
  • ​Responsive, deadline-focused and easy to work with
  • ​Experience through several business cycles
  • Ability to convey complex ideas in simpler terms
David Albertson, (dec'd)Editorial Director, SourceMedia, Benefits News Groups

Richard is a consummate professional who also maintains the highest standards for personal integrity and work ethic. Perhaps his most notable professional characteristic is his sense of curiosity and the intellectual vigor he applies to mastering diverse subject matter.

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